Reasons You Need Financial Professional

Top 6 Reasons You Need a Financial Professional

Updated on Mar 14 2019

Whether you’re a confident, independent finance guru or you’re new to investing; the right type of financial advisor can offer expert insight to help you avoid common and costly mistakes.

Financial advice and financial planning mean much more than just guidance for investing. Now, more than ever, planning professionals are an essential resource to help educate you in today’s complex, technological financial marketplace so that you can maximize return on your investments.

From budgeting and planning for retirement, to saving and managing your taxes and insurance needs, financial planning by a qualified professional helps you not only prepare for your future, but also gives you peace of mind.

Here are the top reasons for hiring a financial professional:

1) Access to Investment Accounts

Properly trained and licensed financial professional can offer investment accounts and strategies that are not available to you as an individual investor. This helps you gain better diversification and a more informed, expert approach. If you find the right financial expert, the investment will be small for access to exponential return.

2) Keep You on Track

An expert advisor holds you accountable for your financial goals. In fact, it’s almost like having a personal trainer for your finances. It’s the expert’s job to help you stay focused on a savings and investing plan, and keep you focused on your objectives. It’s easy to get off track with spending splurges and life happenings. Having an unbiased accountability partner is important for your investment time horizon.

3) Coordination of Your Financial Assets

Oe of the big problems independent investors face is money falling through the cracks because there’s no coordination between the estate, tax and financial planning areas of their life. Coordination is key to make sure investment and retirement assets are planned strategically with the right timeline so that you’re not paying more than needed. A professional advisor or fiduciary has the education to know the small print on the extra costs.

4.) Transition of Estate Planning

The transition of assets to family members can be cumbersome with many hidden, and costly, fees, penalties and taxes. A specialized financial professional can help you navigate the transition of wealth more seamlessly to avoid unnecessary costs. Also, having the conversation with all family members about life goals, retirement planning and transfer of wealth assets with a professional will help your family avoid headaches and financial frustration.

5.) Educated Sounding Board

Many people make emotional, uneducated investment decisions that can be costly, and sometimes catastrophic. A trusted financial expert can be a realistic sounding board to help educate you on reality in the financial marketplace. Perspective is everything when making big financial decisions and a financial professional can help navigate tricky waters.

6.) Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind

Planning for your financial future with an expert financial advisor – preferably as early in your career as possible as compound interest is the key to retirement savings – will give you the financial freedom to choose your retirement date and build a retirement income plan you won’t outlive. Making the informed switch from growth to income investing at the opportune time requires careful consideration and unique portfolio retirement strateging. Also, making sure your family is provided for financially, in case something unexpectedly happens to you, will help give you peace of mind.

How to Choose the Right Financial Professional

Hiring an advisor isn’t free, so carefully consider their fee structure; but don’t get too bogged down with the “cost” of their services without considering the value they bring to your life. Here are the top questions to ask a financial advisor before hiring to make sure you find a financial advisor who is right for your unique situation.

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