Successful And Secure Retirement Review

Are You Headed for a Successful and Secure Retirement?

Updated on Jan 15 2019

Good retirement living is a privilege awarded to those who are proactive with their financial planning. Investment and personal finance experts Larry Swedroe and Kevin Grogan have a new book that released this week that’s a one-stop, definitive resource to help you get informed and take control of your retirement planning.

Swedroe and Grogan’s retirement planning book, Your Complete Guide to a Successful & Secure Retirement, provides comprehensive and smart fiscal guidance to help you get educated about your financial future. Their 20-chapter book covers everything from investment strategies and retirement accounts to health savings accounts, wealth management and elder financial abuse. There are even chapters that address insurance and risk management, mortgage-management and women’s unique retirement needs to help tackle readers’ individual financial obstacles.

Retirement planning goes beyond the financials and these investment gurus have taken it upon themselves to address the retirement debacles of today in a digestible and clever manner.

Americans are Not Prepared for Retirement

Unfortunately, today, many Americans are not doing their due-diligence to prepare for a successful retirement for a number of reasons, whether it’s money-management problems, caregiving responsibilities or employment issues.

A recent Bankrate survey found that the majority of Americans don’t know how much money they need to save for retirement, and a surprising 19 million Americans don’t feel confident they will be able to retire at all. In addition, 61 percent of Americans are unsure about their savings, and for those who do have an estimate, the median amount is $650,000, according to the survey. This is not an ideal amount for a comfortable retirement since healthcare expenses alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement.

Swedroe and Grogan’s book provides a wise, holistic overview of how you can tackle obstacles and manage your finances to enjoy a retirement lifestyle you desire. A solid financial plan shouldn’t be daunting; it just requires time, diligence and information. Your Complete Guide to a Successful Retirement is a comprehensive resource to help investors understand how they can increase their chances for a great, and stable, financial retirement.

Building a Solid Financial Plan

Savvy financial planning and taking measures to prevent financial mistakes will help you develop a financial portfolio you will be not only be proud of, but will also greatly influence your quality of life and financial success. Your Complete Guide to a Successful Retirement provides detailed retirement information to help you overcome the financial challenges you are facing.

In a recent interview with Swedroe, he discusses that to prepare for a successful retirement, you need to figure out your goals and your individual ‘retirement mentality.’ Basically, what you enjoy in life so that you can plan on an enjoyable retirement as well as prepare financially. Swedroe notes:

“It’s important to get prepared to tackle and integrate an investment plan that works for your unique spending and lifestyle needs. Having a plan that covers all aspects of retirement is important.”

Swedroe and Grogan’s book does a great job of breaking-down hard-to-grasp financials as an easy-to-comprehend resource. Senior Finance Advisor highly recommends this book, for wherever you are in life, so make sure you’re preparing for a successful retirement.

Your Complete Guide to a Successful & Secure Retirement is available for purchase on Amazon or through Harriman House.

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