Senior Discounts For Retirement

Senior Discounts to Help You Survive Retirement

Updated on Jun 10 2019

Every dollar can really add up in retirement and taking advantage of senior citizen discounts can reduce retirement costs and increase disposable income. When asking for or claiming these benefits, always have your ID ready. Many companies require some form of valid identification that shows your age. Also, do not be shy in asking for a discount! Always ask about a senior discount, even if it is not advertised.

Take a look at some of the best senior discounts to help retirees navigate retirement costs.

Great Senior Discounts to Consider

Senior discounts can help you extend your income. This may help you enjoy a better quality of life in retirement. Here are a few to consider to help you save a significant amount of money quickly on everyday spending:

Entertainment and Lodging Senior Discounts

Since retirees have more time, senior discounts can help make life more fulfilling with fun things to do. Here are options the offer discounts:

AMC: Senior pricing on tickets is available for most shows and can be up to 30 percent off, depending on the location.

Cinemark: Senior discounts are available for early shows and are up to 35 percent.

Regal Cinemas: Seniors may qualify for reduced costs and can save up to 30 percent.

Disneyland and Disney World: Seniors may qualify for some discounts throughout the parks. Limited admission discounts are not available any longer.

National Parks: U.S. citizens or permanent residents age 62 or older can purchase a lifetime pass to National Parks for $80, plus a $10 handling fee. The pass provides entrance or access to pass owner and all accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle at National Parks across the country. Passes are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and can not be replaced if lost or stolen. The pass also includes a 50 percent discount on amenity fees charged at some facilities for camping, swimming, and boat launch. The pass does not cover or reduce special recreation permit fees. There is also a new $20 annual Senior Pass for those wanting to try one year of the park pass.

Marriott: Seniors who are 62 years old and older can save 15 percent or more on their room rates at Marriott brand hotels across the world including Marriott Hotels and Resorts, JW Marriott Hotels and Resorts and Renaissance, as well as Marriott Vacation Club International. There is no limit on the number of nights per stay and guests must show valid identification with date of birth at check-in.

Communication and Internet Services Discounts

Many internet service providers recognize that seniors are one of the fastest growing segments in new internet use. And, they are on a fixed budget. That is why many will offer discounts on plans. Here are a few to consider:

AT&T: AT&T provides plans to seniors at reduced costs. Having an AARP membership will also get reduced rates.

Sprint: Sprint has a line of cell phones specifically marketed to the senior population that are easy-to-use and offer accessifly features, such as TTY/TDD support, LED alerts and 911 shortcut keys. Different locations have different offerings.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile’s unlimited 55+ Plan offers seniors two phone lines for $70 per month. The plan, available to customers 55 and older, charges $35/line when enrolled in AutoPay and includes unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. Perfect for travelers, T-Mobile’s plan includes unlimited text and data in 210 countries and destinations, includes all taxes and fees, and even includes one hour of data and unlimited text on all Gogo-enabled flights.

Verizon: Verizon offers senior plans and discounts such as the Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus Plan.

Grocery Stores Discounts

Discounts can help reduce weekly grocery bills. However, senior discounts on grocery purchases can be limited. Most often, they are linked to a card or phone number and you will have to peruse the discounts on the aisle tag to determine the discount for individual items. Here are a few places that offer discounts:

Albertsons: Discounts apply but vary by location.

Food Lion: Some discounts apply but this varies by location.

Fred Meyer: Up to a 15 percent savings the first Tuesday of the month.

Harris Teeter: Every Thursday, seniors get five percent off their purchase.

Kroger: Some locations offer a senior discount card.

Publix: Discounts up to five percent off apply at various times. Differ by state.

Safeway: Seniors may qualify for discounts with a savings card.

Restaurant Discounts

Most restaurants offer senior discounts. Be sure to ask about discounts for seniors, such as special event savings days or early dinner discounts. Restaurnt chains like Applebees, Olive Garden and Chili’s offer up to 15 percent off meals and fast food restaurants, such as Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonalds and Subway, also offer many discounts geared toward seniors. Savings can vary by location, but it’s worth checking with your local favorite food pleasures to see if you can save. AARP members can get additional savings.

Remember, a little savings can add up to a lot of extra cash over time (which is really important when you’re living on a budget!).

Retail Store Discounts

Retail discounts for senior citizens can be limited, but many retailers will offer a small discount to those who ask. Typically, there are discount days where seniors can receive 10 to 20 percent off, depending on the store and policy. Rite Aid and Ross offer 10 percent of on Tuesdays and Walgreens offers 20 percent off one time a month. Some locations offer “Senior Discount Day” and others offer savings based on whether you are an AARP member. Many retail stores also offer Veteran’s discounts. Bottom line: If there is a store of interest, check directly with the store on savings opportunities.

Transportation Discounts

American Airlines: Senior discounts fluctuate, depending on the destination and time of travel. Call to find out what discounts are available.

Amtrak: Seniors 65 and older are eligible to receive a 10 percent discount on most rail fares on most Amtrak trains. Seniors 60 and over are eligible for a 10 percent discount on cross border services operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada. Amtrak requires proof of age when purchasing the ticket and onboarding the train. The senior discount is not valid on Auto Trains or Acela Express and is not able to be combined with other offers or discounts.

Alaska Airlines: Seniors will save a significant amount of money with discount plane tickets. Discounts can vary so call to find out discounts based on your unique needs.

British Airways: British Airways, one of the largest airlines in the world, offers a senior discount for adults 55 and older who are members of AARP. Seniors who are members of AARP and 55 or older receive $65 off economy class travel and $200 off business class travel. They also offer up to $200 off in any cabin when booking a flight and hotel package. Flights and hotels must be booked through the AARP website and must be booked by January 31, 2020.

Delta: Senior discounts are available for limited itineraries with Delta. Call 1-800-221-1212 to find out if your flight is eligible for the discounted fare as you will not be able to purchase your tickets online and receive the senior discount.

Southwest Airlines: Seniors over 65 who are traveling with Southwest Airlines may be eligible for Senior Fares. These are available online and for international and domestic travel. For these fares, you will need to arrive early at the gate to be able to prove your age in order to be checked in for your flight.

Uber: While Uber does not provide senior discounts on a regular basis, the company provides seniors savings on uberSENIOR Day, which has been held on the first day of the month.

United Airlines: United offers discounted prices for flights for seniors over 65. Seniors need to select the Over 65 category when purchasing tickets online or with a customer service agent. Discounts can vary.

Take Advantage of Discounts in Retirement

Part of successful retirement planning is making your money stretch further. Senior discounts are a great way to enjoy more with a fixed income, but professional financial help can help you optimize your investment portfolio and big-picture finances to help you you up for financial success in retirement. Connect with an expert financial advisor to gain insight into your retirement savings potential.

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