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Can seniors still benefit from compound interest

Can Seniors Still Benefit From Compound Interest?

Even if you’re later on in life, or already in retirement, you could still benefit from compound interest.

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3 big ways politics affects finances

3 Big Ways Politics Affects Investments

Each election cycle brings with it a degree of panic and unease. And, this anxiety can also spread to finance for many Americans.

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How to find a fiduciary financial advisor

How to Find a Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Fiduciary advisors are bound by law to work in your best interest—here's how to find one.

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What is discretionary spending within a budget

What is Discretionary Spending Within a Budget?

Setting up and following a budget is an essential part of financial success. Discretionary expenses are non-essential, unlike those for things like...

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Are financial advisors worth the cost

Are Financial Advisors Worth the Cost?

Financial advisors are there to help you get into a better financial position than you are currently in. They work to improve your investments and ...

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What is an average financial advisor fee

What is an Average Financial Advisor Fee?

The average financial advisor fee depends on the price model your advisor charges. Financial advisor prices models can include assets under managem...

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How seniors can increase investment returns

How Seniors Can Increase Investment Returns

How can seniors increase investment returns and what are some safe investment strategies for retirement? As you approach retirement, it is importan...

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