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How seniors combat social isolation and loneliness

How Seniors Combat Social Isolation and Loneliness

A recent survey from the AARP Foundation has found that nearly one-third of adults 45 years old and older feel lonely - and that number is on the r...

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Americans 50 are becoming financially tech savvy

Americans 50+ Are Becoming Financially Tech Savvy

Now, this new generation of seniors is changing what it means to age, challenging stereotypes and ageism that is pervasive in American culture. One...

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Four recommended immunizations for adults

Four Recommended Immunizations for Adults

We often think of vaccinations as something required for children to enter school. However, the need for vaccines does not go away with age. Learn ...

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How your retirement affects your kids retirement

How Your Retirement Affects Your Kids' Retirement

A recent survey found a clear link between how millennials think about retirement planning and their perceptions of their parents’ financial securi...

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Baby boomers starting small businesses

Baby Boomers are Starting Small Businesses Instead of Retiring

Baby Boomers have revolutionized societal norms, challenged what it means to age, and now, they are challenging what it means to retire. Today’s ba...

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Financial tips for sandwich generation caregivers

Financial Tips for Sandwich Generation Caregivers

Raising children while also caring for an aging parent, means you are a Sandwich Generation member. Being a Sandwich Generation Caregiver is not on...

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Top ways to become financially independent

Top Ways to Become Financially Independent

No matter what financial independence can buy you, true financial independence is the ability to live off income, savings, and investments, with no...

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